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No one ever says pregnancy or parenting is easy…

But if you’re a driven, goal-oriented person, pregnancy and parenthood can be especially humbling. What has worked in the past - determination, work ethic, perseverance - may not translate in this new journey.

Too often, the pressure to get it all right goes wrong.

Can you relate?
  • You’re wasting hours chasing answers online
  • You want less stress, but struggle to find time for self-care
  • Overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information
  • Feeling not heard during check ups with your OB/GYN

Relax, you've come to the right place

I'm Dr. Sterling, and I'm on a mission to help you shift into pregnancy and parenting with ease.

As an ObGyn, mother of two, and recovering overachiever, I get it. I understand you want less stress, but trying to find all the answers can bring even more anxiety.

It doesn't have to be this hard. I've helped hundreds of moms embrace the imperfect journey and find the calm confidence they deserve.

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“The perfect support at the perfect time. I feel like what I'm experiencing is normal and I'm not alone!”

- Sarah M.

“More than the plans, it was a mindset that had changed. I was prepared for curveballs and I knew how to identify things and ways to get help.”

- Jo

“I feel like she's right here in my living room with me, helping me through postpartum.”

- Kaitlan G.

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