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My name is Dr. Christine Sterling. I’m a board-certified ObGyn and ‘mom on a mission’ who believes we deserve better.

After my own challenging pregnancy and postpartum experience I learned there are 3 things all women deserve.

  • We deserve better preparation for what it truly means to become a mother. Pregnancy isn’t just a physical experience - it’s a body, mind, and heart transformation.
  • We deserve a better maternal health care system, that supports women both during and after their pregnancies. With over 60% of maternal deaths occurring in the postpartum period, a 6 week check-up is woefully inadequate. Our needs don’t disappear once baby is born- they expand. 
  • We deserve a community that cherishes us and knows how to support us as we move from trying to conceive to postpartum & beyond.

Moms are my mission. I'm here for you Precious Momma!


Want to know more?

Dr. Christine Sterling is a board-certified ObGyn and ‘mom on a mission’ dedicated to ensuring women get the maternal care and support they deserve. Dr. Sterling obtained her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Southern California, graduating summa cum laude. She then continued at USC for her medical degree.


As the loyal BFF that all mommas need, it isn’t surprising that when residency colleagues were asked to pick who they would have as their personal physician, they chose Dr Sterling. She supports modern women to confidently and calmly to navigate their reproductive journey with fierce compassion and determination to challenge the status quo when it comes to women’s health. 


After becoming a mother herself, Dr. Sterling discovered firsthand how little support western medicine offers to women moving through the life-altering transition into motherhood. She has since made it her mission to further develop and share her signature Mind, Body, Heart model of care, informed by the thousands of women she has cared for and her long-standing meditation and mindfulness practice.


Her unique blend of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom aims to cradle women throughout their reproductive journey. Through her online community and leadership, Dr. Sterling gives voice and lends her warm-hearted, doctor-informed insights to the many physical and emotional changes women experience as they navigate pregnancy and motherhood. Join her free Facebook group, The Sterling Life Community and follow her daily stories on Instagram.

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