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The “Must Have” Return to Work Pumping Guide Explains Everything 

You want to spend your last days of maternity leave snuggling that babe, not stressed about the logistics of pumping and breastfeeding as a working mom. How much do I need to pump for your first day? What products do I need? I've got you covered. 

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  • Know exactly how much milk to have stored for your first few days back with the 6 Step Milk Stash Plan
  • Get the Most Breast Milk from Every Pump Session
  • Have a Complete Product List with Amazon Prime Links at Your Finger Tips

Hey there! I'm Dr. Sterling... 

I'm an ObGyn and mom, who spent WAY too much time researching the ins and outs of pumping at the end of my maternity leave. You deserve to spend your days soaking up your babe, not staring at a screen!

Let me take something off your plate! I'm sharing everything you need to know to rock your return to work. 


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