Postpartum is hard.

We can help. 

You never get this time back with your baby.

You deserve to enjoy it. 

Postpartum is hard.

We can help. 

You never get this time back with your baby. You deserve to enjoy it. 

Postpartum Rescue

Your postpartum rescue team has arrived! We are Dr. Sterling, a board-certified ObGyn, and Dr. Cassidy, a licensed marriage & family therapist. We have both experienced just how hard postpartum can be, both personally and professionally. You deserve to enjoy this time. We are here to help make sure you do!

5 Video Lessons with Captions Covering


Learn the simple solutions to get more sleep and take back your nights. 


Feeding your baby can be hard. Let's relieve the pressure & make it easier. 


A baby can add stress. Learn to communicate and have fun again!


Postpartum hormones are no joke. Learn how you can take control.

Finding Self

Motherhood changes everything. You deserve to feel like yourself again.

*Bonus* Overcoming Overwhelm Lesson

Watch Dr. Cassidy guide Dr. Sterling out of overwhelm when her baby is crying and she doesn't know why.  

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"Made me feel like she is right here in my living room with me, helping me through postpartum. "

-Kaitlan G.

Imagine This

+You can get the sleep you need.

+You enjoy feeding your baby.

+You are calm and content.

+The communication in your relationship has never been better.


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You are not alone.

"The perfect support at the perfect time, that made me feel like what I was experiencing (breastfeeding struggles in particular) was normal and I was not alone!"

-Sarah M.

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"As a first-time mom, listening to Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Sterling made all the difference in my preparation for motherhood. In a time where everything felt out of my control, they helped me understand the things I COULD control, and taught me to let go of the things I could not. I’m so glad I found them and have no doubt that because of the resources they share, I stepped into postpartum feeling more prepared, confident, and at ease."

-Amy R.

"Being a first time mom there are a lot of challenges that not a lot of people talk about. Dr. Sterling and Dr. Cassidy have created a space where moms can get educated about their bodies and experiences, feel safe to ask questions, feel understood in their struggles, and receive support!"

-Megan H.

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A joyful postpartum awaits

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