Prepared Postpartum

The online course with your step-by-step to a restful, loving, and supported postpartum for the whole family.

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Enrollment Open Jan 15-28th 2020

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The Prepared Postpartum Course includes...

  • Get the rest you need, even if kiddo isn't sleeping through the night and you've got a toddler in tow.
  • Create space to recover from birth while caring for you newborn (and other kiddos).
  • Get the support you need, even if you don't have a ton of family and friends jumping up to help.
  • Help fortify your marriage/relationship for this next chapter.
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Hey there! I'm Dr. Sterling... 

I’m an ObGyn and mom, pregnant with #2. I know that this postpartum experience needs to be different from my first, and so I'm preparing way differently this time, AND I'm showing you exactly how. I've partnered with the incredible Cassidy Freitas, PhD, LMFT to create the first course on preparing for postpartum that brings together the expertise of an ObGyn and a Marriage & Family Therapist. Prepared Postpartum gives you the step-by-step to the restful, loving and supported postpartum you and your family deserve. 

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