4 Steps to a Restful and Supported Postpartum

Cultivate a Loving Postpartum Experience that Honors Your Recovery and Sets the Foundation for an Exceptional Family


In This Masterclass, You'll Learn:


How to Move Beyond

your awareness of the postpartum challenges, to the preparation steps that will get you the rest you need after birth, while also caring for your kiddo(s).


Building an Exceptional Family

Learn how your postpartum experience can build the family foundation that allows your family to thrive and you to be the mother you've always dreamed of.


The Critical Relationship Step

that turns having a new baby from a relationship stressor, into a relationship builder.


The Mindset Shift

that will revolutionize the way you approach breastfeeding, to allow for a more enriching experience in which both mom and baby thrive.


Being Prepared Is About So Much More Than Information

Whether you are a first-time mom overwhelmed with the warnings about how hard it is to have a new baby, or a seasoned mama who has been through it and back, your postpartum experience CAN be different.

More information about how challenging the postpartum period can be is not what is going to make your experience better.

You need to know what you can do now to avoid some of the most common postpartum problems AND the steps you need to take to be prepared for the things you can't anticipate. 

Join us to learn the what you can do today to cultivate a restful and supported postpartum experience for the whole family.

This Class is a MUST ATTEND if...


  • You are a second-time mom worried about juggling your kiddos needs while recovering from birth.
  • You are a first-time mom who wants to maintain your sense of self, and hold onto important elements of your pre-baby life, during this transformative time.
  • You want to cultivate a calming and connected postpartum experience, so that you can cherish and savor this special time with your new family.
  • You dream of a relaxing postpartum experience, but aren't sure how to get the support you need.


A Personal Invitation from Dr. Sterling & Dr. Cassidy...

The Expertise You Deserve

We are so thrilled to to provide you with the expertise of a board-certified ObGyn and a marriage and family therapist, so that you can navigate and prepare for the postpartum experience you and your family deserve. 

This masterclass is the culmination of all we have learned caring for thousands of new and expecting families. Learn the simple steps and tangible tools you need to have a rested and supported postpartum. 

If you are committed to having a better postpartum experience and starting this next chapter in your family's life with intention, we can't wait to show you how!

See You There!