The Building A Mom Crew Workbook

Gives You the Step-by-Step to Cultivating a Loving and Supportive Community


Other Moms Just Get It!

I'm Dr. Sterling and I created the Building a Mom Crew Workbook because every mom deserves a community behind them. 

This workbook gives you the step-by-step to strengthening the relationships you already have, plus a proven, simple strategy to cultivate new friendships. 

A Mom Crew makes #MomLife

  • Easier
  • More Fun
  • More Fulfilling

Ready to Laugh 'Til It Hurts with Other Moms Who Get It?

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The Benefits of a Mom Tribe


There is nothing like the warmth of understanding between moms.


Girlfriends are so much better than Google! 


Because in #MomLife sometimes you just have to laugh!

Download the Building a Mom Crew Workbook:

  • The Social Circles Exercise helps you map out and strengthen your existing community
  • The Simple Community Builder gives you the step-by-step to cultivating new friendships

Hey there! I'm Dr. Sterling... 

I'm an ObGyn and mom, who knows the benefits both personally and professionally, of having a robust and supportive community. 

When I became a new mom in a new city, I struggled to find community. Through the strategies I teach in the Building a Mom Crew Workbook, I created an AMAZING group of like-minded friends.

Don't wait to build your tribe. Let me take something off your plate! I'm sharing everything you need to know to build an amazing community of moms. 

Other Moms Just Get It

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Let the kids play while you get cozy on the couch with a glass of wine and friend who gets it! Motherhood is so much better together. 

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