5 Things to Save vs Splurge on for Newborns

newborns pregnancy Dec 29, 2019
by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG
Babies are cute.
Babies are cuddly.
Babies are expensive, in dollars and in time.
So let’s talk about where you can save time and money, and where some splurging is going to make your life way easier.


1. Save money on cute outfits


I’m not saying don’t get any. We all want to stare at that cute little outfit daydreaming about our little one. But you don’t need 5 adorable but impractical outfits. Get 1-2 and cherish them. For the rest, borrow newborn clothes from friends, ask for hand-me-downs or stock up on soft, sturdy, staples like footie pajamas (they can be worn all day!).


2. Splurge on time for preparation


I’m not talking about preparing the nursery, I’m talking about preparing yourself, your relationship and your life for this huge transition. 
First-time mommas, trust me on this one!! And if you don’t, don’t say no one told you! I’m telling you right now-- YOU and your partner, not just your home, need education and preparation for a new baby.
Second-time mommas, you know how important this is for you!
The Postpartum Prep Starter Kit can help you focus your preparation efforts on what really matters. 


3. Save time on nursery


I cherished the time I spent getting my daughter’s nursery ready. So I’m not saying don’t spend any time, I’m saying please, please do not stress the details of the nursery decor. It isn’t worth that one photo for Instagram. It was 2 years before my daughter even noticed the canopy I handmade for her! 


4. Splurge money on car seat


Car accidents are far too common to go cheap on this one!


5. Save money on shoes for baby


Shoes are cute. Newborns don’t need them.


6. Splurge money on postpartum services


Lactation consultations, meal delivery, postpartum doula, house cleaning services...anything to make your life easier once baby arrives!


7. Save money on nursery


Did I mention it was 2 years before my daughter noticed her handmade canopy?


8. Splurge time on connection


Nothing feels as good as being in the company of those you love. Spend time with friends laughing until it hurts. Go on romantic dates with your partner. Love up on all the important people in your life.
Babies need a lot of attention after they arrive, so it may be a while before you can connect, uninterrupted, with your loved ones. 


9. Save time folding and hanging baby’s clothes perfectly


I think this one is self-explanatory...sorry, Marie Kondo.


10. Splurge money on classes/therapy and the things that really prepare you


If you want the simplest, most straightforward path to a restful, loving and supported postpartum, then you want to enroll in Prepared Postpartum.
This online course created by myself, a board-certified ObGyn, and Dr. Cassidy, a PhD of marriage and family therapy, is a game-changer for new families. Not only does the course provide information about what to expect, it also gives you the step-by-step to putting the systems in place so that you can actually rest, heal and enjoy your newborn. Plus, the Sleep Cycle Method we teach allows you to get sleep even if baby isn’t sleeping through the night. I mentioned it’s a game-changer right?
Enrollment is open now, so if you have a due date coming up, learn more and enroll now! Click here to start a Cash Fund for the Prepared Postpartum Course on BabyList.com


In conclusion


Thriving with a new baby isn’t about having the right baby gear, though I wish it was that easy. Being an amazing mom is about being an amazing you! Preparing yourself is the most important ingredient.
To get started and get clear on how to prepare for your ideal postpartum download the Postpartum Prep Starter Kit.

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