My Pregnancy Skin Care Routine


I’m usually pretty careful about the food I consume and the products I use but, without fail, when I get pregnant, suddenly I’m taking an extra long look at all of my labels, especially my skin and beauty products. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to avoid parabens and phalates and the other no-no ingredients in pregnancy, don’t stress! I’ve got you momma.

I have just a few rules for my products:

  • They have to work and feel great on my skin.

  • They must be certified safe by the Environmental Working Group (or hazard score 1).

  • They must be available on Amazon Prime (hello, life-saver).


  • They must be reasonably priced.

Without further adieu, here is my entire skin care regimen…

1. My Cleanser $15.15 on Amazon Prime


2. My Toner $18.00 on Amazon prime


3. My Serum $16.28 on Amazon Prime


4. My Moisturizer $25.60 on Amazon Prime


5. My Sunscreen $12.78 on Amazon Prime


6. My CC Cream/Foundation $39 on Amazon Prime


7. My Blush $16.54 on Amazon Prime


8. My Lip Balm $20 on Amazon Prime


9. My Body Lotion $14.74 on Amazon Prime


10. My Belly Oil $20.69 on Amazon Prime


11. My Go-To Sheet Mask $5.70 on Amazon Prime


I hope you find a product you LOVE on this list!!


Will you do me a favor? If you have a pregnancy-safe skin care product you swear by— Will you share it with us in The Sterling Life Community Facebook Group? Hope to connect with you there precious momma!

Christine Sterling