How to Create a Registry That Will Help You and Baby Thrive

pregnancy Dec 02, 2019

by Christine Sterling, M.D. FACOG

Baby showers in the Instagram-Age are often wasted opportunities. They look beautiful, some quiche and fruit salad are had, and the expecting parents are sent home with outfits, stuffed animals and quite a few items no one registered for.
I love a beautiful party as much as anyone. But it's a bit like this...
A person is headed off to the Amazon Rainforest for an adventure. At the going away party, although some in attendance have actually been to the Amazon, this person is given a hat and told “This is going to look so cute in the photos!”
Do you need a hat in the Amazon? Probably. But wouldn’t it be better to give them the lay of the land, and connect them with people who can help them once they arrive?
We focus far too much on photo-worthy stuff and not nearly enough on providing the support that will make a measurable difference in people’s lives. 
So momma, if you don’t want your house overrun with stuffed animals and outfits other people think are cute, here is the step-by-step to create a registry that will improve your experience after baby arrives. 
And while you’re at it, if you are the sort that believes in meaningful preparation for baby, you should grab a copy of my Preparing for Baby Trimester-by-Trimester Checklist


How To Create A Registry


 1. Use (not sponsored) 

What I love most about this registry platform is that it allows you to register for things from multiple stores AND what we really need postpartum- services and support. So you can register for a stroller from UppaBaby, an outfit from your favorite organic baby line, and “gift certificates” towards things like a house cleaning service. AMAZING!


2. Register for a few big ticket items

You will likely have some people, parents/aunts etc, that want to buy something substantial for you, or friends who want to go in together on something big. Let them. Having a new baby is expensive! I recommend registering for the following (the link will bring you to the item I use):
Car Seat


3. Register for an in-home lactation consultation, house cleaning services, a postpartum doula etc

On you can create a “Cash Fund” linked to your bank account, and name the cash fund whatever you want. So if you know there is a local lactation consultant who does home visits for $100, you can register for $200 worth of in-home lactation consults. I don’t know about you, but this feels infinitely more palatable than just asking for cash. 
FYI: some insurance plans will pay for lactation consultations if you submit the paperwork.


4. Be eco-friendly and ask for hand-me downs

While I fully support having a few darling outfits you can stare at as you await baby’s arrival, truthfully 2-3 special items is more than enough for the photos. Save your money, and the planet, by getting your footie pajamas (aka the newborn uniform) second-hand. This makes you a modern, conscious parent. Is there anything cooler?!


5. Register for Prepared Postpartum: Your step-by-step to a restful, loving, and supported postpartum for the whole family.

This online course created by myself, a board-certified ObGyn, and Dr. Cassidy, a PhD of marriage and family therapy, is a game-changer for new families. Not only does the course provide information about what to expect, it also gives you the step-by-step to putting the systems in place so that you can actually rest, heal and enjoy your newborn. Plus, the Sleep Cycle Method we teach allows you to get sleep even if baby isn’t sleeping through the night. I mentioned it’s a game changer right?
Enrollment is open now, so if you have a due date coming up, learn more and enroll now! Click here to start a Cash Fund for the Prepared Postpartum Course on

6. Ask your BFF/mom/sister etc to set up a meal train for after baby arrives on (also not sponsored ;) 

You know what’s so great about this option? Even if you don’t have a ton of friends and family nearby, allows people to give gift certificates to GrubHub. Yum!


In Conclusion

So there you have it, the step-by-step to creating a registry that will make your life easier and provide the support you need for postpartum. If you want more helpful guidance on preparing for baby check out my Preparing for Baby Trimester-by-Trimester Checklist.

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