10 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Early Pregnancy

preconception pregnancy Jul 07, 2019

The early days of pregnancy can be tricky. I know for me, it was the hardest part. On top of being exhausted and nauseated all the time, no one knew I was pregnant. Nobody was holding the door for me or asking how I was feeling. You want to be a happy, blissed-out pregnant woman, but instead, you are in full-on survival mode.

Whether you are feeling great or not so great, you deserve to be lavished on and pampered as you grow this very tiny human.

Here are 10 ways to pamper yourself in pregnancy:

1. Let go of guilt

Early pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and aversions can significantly impact your mood and productivity. You may be struggling just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to work or take care of your other children. Many women experience productivity or mom guilt in early pregnancy because they simply cannot keep up their normal routine. If you are experiencing guilt I need you to really hear this: Internally you are being extremely productive. Your body is working very, very hard. It is okay to slow way down and listen to your body- doctors orders!

2. Start loving on that belly 

Even though there might not be a bump yet, it’s not too early to start showing that belly some love. Blooming Belly is my favorite, totally safe in pregnancy, Environmental Working Group verified, belly oil.

3. Phone a friend

I know, an actual phone call- revolutionary. Get cozy with a cup of tea and call that friend who always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 


4. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

Getting enough rest will improve your early pregnancy symptoms and set you up for success in later pregnancy, when pregnancy insomnia typically becomes a bigger issue. A wind-down routine before bed is the perfect way to comb through the tangles of the day before your head hits the pillow. Check out my Early Pregnancy Self-Care Workbook and create your very own luxurious bedtime ritual.

5. Get outside 

When you aren’t feeling well, sometimes this is the last thing you want to do. But it’s true what they say—sometimes all you need is a dose of fresh air.


6. Give yourself a face massage 

This is one of my favorite ways to release tension at the end of the day. I use my favorite, smells like a spa, facial moisturizer to massage my temples and jaw.

7. Indulge in guilty pleasures

Girl, you are pregnant! Watch that ridiculous reality TV show. Read that young adult vampire novel. You deserve it.

8. Get yourself the coziest blanket on the planet

This was my secret sauce in the beginning of my first pregnancy. Did my husband think I was crazy for buying a $100 blanket? Of course! But you know what-- I snuggled up with that thing my whole pregnancy and now during my 2nd pregnancy use it to play “tent” with my daughter, which is how I’ve turned laying on the couch into a game. So money well spent in my book!


9. Hydrate, and then hydrate some more

Pregnant women need approximately 2.4 L of fluid a day. Do not let yourself get dehydrated, from headaches to muscle cramps it is not fun. Be cautious about the drinking containers you use in pregnancy as some of them contain chemicals that can negatively impact fetal development and fertility. I have a strict no plastic water bottle policy. I’ve used this one for years and love it.

10. Be gentle with yourself

Pregnancy can be tough, both emotionally and physically. My #1, most important rule of pregnancy is to give yourself grace and be gentle with yourself. You do not need to be perfect. You do not need to be a ‘super mom’ or a ‘super employee’ or a #boss everyday. Some days, just let yourself BE.




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