5 Things to Save vs Splurge on for Newborns

newborns pregnancy Dec 29, 2019
by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG
Babies are cute.
Babies are cuddly.
Babies are expensive, in dollars and in time.
So let’s talk about where you can save time and money, and where some splurging is going to make your life way easier.


1. Save money on cute outfits


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7 Birth Tips from a Holistic ObGyn

birth pregnancy Dec 21, 2019
by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG
Whether this is your first or your fourth foray into labor and birth land I’ve got some great birth tips for you.
Let’s dive in!


Tip #1 Birth is not an end, it is a beginning

Sounds simple but this is a big mindset shift.
If you see birth as...
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An ObGyn's Guide to Advocating for Yourself in Labor and Postpartum

birth postpartum pregnancy Dec 16, 2019
by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG
Why do people feel the need to advocate for themselves in labor and postpartum?
Is it because your Ob provider is out to get you, sitting awake at night daydreaming about doing cesareans?
Not likely.
While there are certainly bad/corrupt OBs out in the world,...
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An ObGyn’s Guide to Birth & Baby Classes

pregnancy Dec 08, 2019
by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG
Why is “No one told me about this!” one of the most common things we hear from new moms?
There are SO many birth and baby prep classes out in the world. What’s going on? 
I know your time and hard-earned money are precious. So today I want...
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How to Create a Registry That Will Help You and Baby Thrive

pregnancy Dec 02, 2019

by Christine Sterling, M.D. FACOG

Baby showers in the Instagram-Age are often wasted opportunities. They look beautiful, some quiche and fruit salad are had, and the expecting parents are sent home with outfits, stuffed animals and quite a few items no one registered for.
I love a beautiful party...
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Insider’s Tips for Pregnancy Fatigue

by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG

Do you ever feel like the life is being sucked out of you in pregnancy, or is it just me?!
Do you ever wonder how something so small can require so much of your energy?
Momma, you aren’t alone. Pregnancy fatigue— it’s no joke, and it can leave...
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3 Products & 5 Tips for Pregnancy Insomnia

pregnancy Nov 11, 2019

by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG

It’s really not fair. Just when you need every last drop of sleep, the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy snatch precious hours away from you. There are many, many causes of pregnancy insomnia including: smaller bladder capacity, increased urine...
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I'm Pregnant But...Navigating Pregnancy After Loss

pregnancy Nov 04, 2019

by Dr. Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG and Dr. Cassidy Freitas PhD, LMFT

It is remarkable how two little lines, side-by-side, can completely change everything. 

For some a positive pregnancy is a moment of excitement and joy. For others, it was the absolute last thing they ever wanted to...

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6 Tips for Pregnancy Nausea from an ObGyn

pregnancy Oct 28, 2019

by Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG

The impact of feeling awful for weeks to months, especially at a time when you are supposed to be happy, cannot be overstated. Nausea is one of the most ruthless of the pregnancy symptoms. It’s not just a physical experience. It can have a profound impact...
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An ObGyn's Guide to Skin Care in Pregnancy

pregnancy Oct 21, 2019

by Dr. Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG

Everything changes in pregnancy, including your skin. Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind when you are caring for your skin in pregnancy.

1. Avoid potentially damaging and toxic ingredients such as vitamin A (retinol), hydroquinolone, oxybenzone (for a...

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