5 Things to Consider When Considering or Trying to Get Pregnant

preconception Sep 08, 2019


There is so much more to  getting pregnant than tracking your cycles and taking a prenatal vitamin. Those of us who have embarked on a reproductive journey before, know that trying to get pregnant and pregnancy is just as much of an emotional journey, as it is a physical one. 

As you prepare to conceive, don’t miss the golden opportunity to capitalize on a huge amount of momentum for positive change. 

Here are 5 key aspects of preparing to conceive:


1. Go to the ObGyn Before You Get Pregnant

Prior to getting pregnant every woman should go to their ObGyn or midwife to ensure their health is optimized for pregnancy. At these visits, we discuss available genetic testing and ensure that your Pap smear and breast cancer screening are up to date. We also go over all your medical problems, medications (including supplements and vitamins), and family history. I teach you how to maximize the benefit from this visit in my Free Preparing for Pregnancy Masterclass. 


2. The Time to Address Your Body Image Is Now

It may seem a little wo-wo, but the data now supports what healers and doctors have long suspected. The way we think about our body has a profound impact on our body’s ability to transform and heal. Never is this more important that in pregnancy and postpartum. For many women, the challenges of the reproductive journey can negatively impact their body image and predispose them to postpartum depression. If you are already very body positive-- keep up the good work! But if you’ve had issues with body image in your life, it’s time to prioritize this growth. There are TONS of online resources and podcasts on this subject. During my pregnancy, I used a Body Love Ritual


3. Your Mental State & Mental Health are Key 

Pregnancy hormones are crazy y’all.  Starting a self-care routine that prioritizes mental calm is one of the most crucial elements of preparing to conceive. There are different ways to cultivate this mental calm but of meditation is at the top of the list. Apps such as Headspace and Expectful (which is specifically geared towards the reproductive journey) are a great way to start. I talk more about self-care as you prepare to conceive in my Free Preparing for Pregnancy Masterclass. 


4. Friends & Family Matter

We are social creatures, our relationships vital to happiness and health.  Many see pregnancy as a time in which they will be surrounded by love, only to discover that it can be quite lonely. The first trimester fatigue and nausea cause many to spend far more time at home, as do the discomforts of later pregnancy. Make deposits in your friendship banks while you are trying to get pregnant,  that way it won’t be a big deal when you disappear for a few months. 


5. This Is the Time to Improve Your Relationship

We’ve all heard the stories about how much more in love people fall with their partners when they see them with their child. Far fewer have heard that, for many, marriage satisfaction declines after the birth of a child. Difficulty getting pregnant, pregnancy loss and complications of pregnancy can also be relationship stressors. Prioritize any work you’ve been meaning to do on your relationship. You only have one life. You deserve to be ridiculously, deliriously happy in your long-term partnership. 


I hope these tips help you on your preconception journey. If you would like more details about when to stop your birth control, and other things you can do to prepare your Body, Mind and Heart for pregnancy, check out my Free Preparing for Pregnancy Masterclass. 

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