Preparing for Pregnancy

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How to Optimize Your Fertility

Learn to maximize your chances of getting pregnant, the role of the preconception doctor's appointment and how to protect your fertility.


When to Stop Your Birth Control

There are a number of factors to consider when making this decision. Dr. Sterling breaks them down.


The Steps to a Stress-Free Pregnancy

Cultivate tranquility even in the face of overwhelming emotions. Passing this skill onto your children is an incredible gift.


Start Your Family From a Strong Foundation

The reproductive journey isn't just about getting pregnant. It's about growing a family. Learn the tools to build an exceptional family.

"This class is filled with amazing insight. Thank you for creating this content for all moms and moms to be out there"


Are You Going to Google for Answers About Pregnancy?

Don't waste another minute of your precious time trying to sift through the online bargain bin of information. You deserve the best. This Free Masterclass brings high-quality, expert knowledge to you from a board-certified ObGyn. Your time is precious. Learn from the best!

A Note From The Instructor...

I'm Dr. Christine Sterling a board-certified ObGyn and mom-on-a-mission to bring you the high-quality information you deserve for every phase of motherhood. No one should have to spend hours online researching, only to come up with so-so answers. Preparing for pregnancy is about so much more than a prenatal vitamin. It's about growing your family. You deserve to start your family from a strong foundation. I'm here to hold you hand and get you there. 

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