Support That Doesn't Feel Rushed

Timely and Compassionate Insight from an ObGyn and Mother Who Understands the Pressure of Getting Everything Right.

Feel Prepared and Confident

Too many people are underprepared for the mind, body and heart transformations of pregnancy and beyond.

Limited time with their ObGyn

Lack of mental and emotional support

Ever-changing medical recommendations

Overwhelming amount of advice to sift through

You deserve

A Single Source for Trusted Advice & Support

Too often, pregnant people feel like they aren't getting their questions answered.

Unfortunately, seeking reassurance by searching online leads to second guessing and stress all of which can be harmful to baby and mother.

My mission is to change that.

Blending trusted science with holistic wisdom, I provide medical advice, emotional support and strategies so you can:

  • Make empowered decisions based on the latest research
  • Strengthen your mind-body connection
  • Experience important mindset shifts to handle the challenges of motherhood

You don't have to figure it out on your own

As an OB/GYN

I've always been passionate about bringing together the best of the holistic and scientific worlds to guide women on their pregnancy journey.

After my own challenging pregnancy and postpartum experience, I realized we aren't doing a good enough job preparing people for the reality of motherhood and postpartum.

You don't just need trusted advice -you need support.

This means important mindset shifts to find joy even when life is imperfect. It also means teaching women how to tap into their inner wisdom SO they can advocate for their needs and those of their babies.

I want every pregnant person to have access to this Mind + Body + Heart model of care. That's why I created Sterling Parents an inclusive community to find connection, support, and the very best medical advice.

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"I love my OB group, but they see so many patients I sometimes feel silly asking all of my postpartum questions. Someone told me about Dr. Sterling and she has been such a wealth of knowledge during a really overwhelming and transitional time as a first-time mom! Her calming demeanor and reassurance have helped ease my anxious, new-mama mind time and time again. I wish she could be my OB!"

- Leah J

Your Personal Support Team

Every month in the Sterling Parents Community, Dr. Sterling will interview top experts in their fields to share their wisdom and expertise.


  • Dieticians
  • Lactation Specialists
  • Dermatologists
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Fertility Specialists
  • And more...

Our mission

We hold the hands of expecting parents through pregnancy and postpartum by providing expert education, heartfelt support, and meaningful insight tailored to the unique challenges driven individuals face in our busy go-go-go world.

We help stressed, overworked expecting parents find the calm confidence they need to flourish and thrive.

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Relax, knowing you're doing the right things for you and your baby.

Join a community of fellow millennial parents and parents-to-be, led by an ObGyn and mother, where you can get answers to all your questions and discover your inner wisdom.